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Sights to see 29.11.2019
Suzdal Kremlin: the Heart of an Ancient City
The charming town of Suzdal is like an open-air museum — its ancient buildings seem to be frozen in time.

The main local attraction is no doubt the Kremlin whose history dates back to the 10th century. A UNESCO heritage object, it occupies a rather large territory defined by surrounding earthen ramparts.

The gem of the Kremlin complex is the amazingly beautiful 13th-century Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its golden gates and lavishly decorated interiors never fail to impress visitors from all around the globe. And you should definitely listen to the church choir singing — the perfectly clear voices are so beautiful they reach right into your soul.

Also of interest, are the 18th-century Wooden Church of St. Nicholas and the Archbishop's Chambers housing a big exposition related to the history of Suzdal.
Make sure you walk along the ramparts, too, to get great views of the Kamenka River and the surroundings.

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