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Sights to see 26.08.2019
Sergiev Posad
Sergiev Posad is a ‘Golden Ring’ city located in a 1,5-hour ride from Moscow. Like all cities belonging to the ‘Golden Ring’ tourist route, it boasts unique historical and cultural monuments.

The main attraction of Sergiev Posad is no doubt the 14th-century Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius (Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra) monastery. It’s a huge orthodox male monastery comprising more than 50 buildings — churches, chapels, cathedrals, dormitories, etc. The complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The buildings are of different styles but all of them look very beautiful and impressive. Some are painted white while others have multicolored designs. The tops are crowned with towers, golden onion domes, and wooden carved shingles. The interiors with gorgeous frescoes and an iconostasis are just as striking.

The territory of the Lavra is encircled by fortress-like walls. You can walk around, sit on the benches, get some water from a holy spring (there are free bottles available). A very peaceful and fulfilling experience! And you can visit most of the buildings for free! (There is no entrance fee, too). There are also many souvenir shops and cafes in the vicinity.

Adjacent to the monastery, is the ‘old city’ area with historical buildings.
There are also other, less famous, but very interesting places to visit in the city, such as The Toy Museum with traditional Russian wooden toys on display, the Bells of Russia Exhibition Hall, etc.

Sergiev Posad is well worth the trip from Moscow! Highly recommended!

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