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Sights to see 06.02.2020
Rostov the Great
Located in Yaroslavl Region, 220 km away from Moscow, Rostov Veliky is one of the oldest Russian cities whose history dates back over a thousand years.
The visiting card of the city is the old Kremlin complex that includes five cathedrals surrounded by thick fortification walls.

Some of the most visited cathedrals and monasteries bear the names of St. Sergius of Radonezh, St. Peter Ordynsky, St. Dimitry of Rostov, and St. Jacob's. Here you will see ancient icons, crucifixes, elaborate altars, and relics of saints.

In the Kremlin museums, you can learn all about the local history, traditions, and crafts. One of the most popular exhibits there is the giant 32-ton bell Sysoy that was made in 1688. Also of interest, is the museum devoted to enamel work on metal (finift) — this is what Rostov Veliky is famous for, too. By the way, a piece of finift jewelry makes a wonderful souvenir!

Apart from the Kremlin, the city boasts around 300 other historical monuments that include stone constructions of the 18th-19th centuries such as old markets and merchants’ houses.

Rostov Veliky is a great Orthodox pilgrimage site and a part of the Golden Ring route. Do not hesitate to add it to your must-visit list!

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