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Sights to see 22.08.2019
Baskunchak Lake
Baskunchak - a unique creation of nature, a kind of deepening on the top of a huge salt mountain, going thousands of meters into the depths of the earth and covered with a layer of sedimentary rocks.

This is the largest and most salty of all known salt lakes in Russia. The area of the lake Baskunchak is about 115 square kilometers; it is located in the Astrakhan region in 53 km east of the Volga. Near the lake Baskunchak located villages Upper Baskunchak and Lower Baskunchak.

The thickness of the surface salt deposit on the lake Baskunchak reaches 10-18 m. Because of salt mining were formed depths up to 8 meters. The depth of the salt on the lake Baskunchak reaches 6 km.

In spring and autumn, the level of brine in the lake is maximum - up to 1 meter. Only bacteria that take out salt live in brine. Today, the extremely pure salt of Lake Baskunchak makes up to 80% of the total salt production in Russia, from 1.5 to 5 million tons of salt are mined here per year. For the export of salt Baskunchak railway was built.

In summer, many tourists visit this place to swim where it is impossible to drown. Indeed, the water in the lake Baskunchak is saturated with salt to the maximum and pushes the body to the surface. Moreover, a part of the surface of the lake is so hard that you can walk on it.

In addition to brine on the coast of Lake Baskunchak there are deposits of therapeutic clays. Especially prized black clay, which contributes to the treatment of many diseases. Therefore, it is not surprising that some people come for special treatment in a sanatorium located in the village of Nizhny Baskunchak.

To the south of the lake, Big Bogda Mountain - the only real mountain in the Caspian lowland.

These places have attracted the attention of naturalists since the XVIII century. On the territory, which is easy to get around on foot - an exceptional variety of natural complexes.

Due to its convenient location, it is easy to get to Lake Baskunchak, for example, by bus from Volgograd or Volzhsky.

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