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Sights to see 28.12.2019
Vyatskoye Village
Also known as “Russia’s most beautiful village”, Vyatskoye is a unique open-air museum complex. Thanks to the great efforts of local businessmen, over the last 13 years the settlement has developed from a typical decaying Russian village into a highly popular tourist attraction.

The idea was to reconstruct a Russian village of the 18th-19th centuries with its typical peasant huts, merchant houses, eateries, etc. — or, rather, create a perfect version of it.

The complex includes ten museums, a church, a restaurant, a hotel, and a concert hall. The church is quite interesting — its bell tower is operated via a mobile app.

If you are interested in what life was like in the villages of Russia 200 years ago, do not hesitate to visit the place! Apart from getting a great educational and fun experience, you will likely enjoy the lovely scenic views and the calm, serene vibe of Vyatskoye.

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