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Sights to see 28.12.2019
The Tula Kremlin
The Tula Kremlin is no doubt the visiting card of the city of Tula. Built 500 years ago, the original Kremlin has been almost completely destroyed over the years. The current Kremlin complex is a good example of a high-quality restoration from scratch. The thick walls and the towers look very pretty while they also preserve the spirit of the old times.

Inside the Kremlin, there are several museums where you can learn a lot about the history of the city. Although not large, the museums are very interesting and include interactive exhibits. Some of the more popular ones are the Museum of Weapons and the Samovar Museum.

The Kremlin territory is very well maintained. There are many souvenir stalls where you can buy Russian pryaniks (gingerbread), pastila (marshmallow) and samovars. You can also snack on tea and pancakes that come in very handy in cold weather. If you want a more substantial meal, there is a restaurant on site.
The entrance to the Kremlin territory is free. Welcome to Tula!

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