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Sights to see 24.08.2019
Kul Sharif Mosque in Kazan
Located on the territory of the Kremlin, the Kul Sharif mosque is one of the largest Muslim cathedrals in Europe.

Its fancy dome with tulip-shaped windows is decorated in the manner of a Kazan Hat and the four main minarets with turquoise tops rise up to 58 meters into the air. Due to special lighting, the building looks especially gorgeous at night.

Inside, Kul Sharif is no less impressive. Its walls are decorated with intricate oriental patterns.

The cathedral was built in place of the legendary Kazan Khanate mosque within a 10-year period (1996 — 2005) with the money donated by more than 40,000 organizations and individuals. Inside the main building, you can find books with the names of all the donators.

The mosque is a wonderful example of how people of different nations and religions can live in harmony. Whatever your faith is, you can enter the cathedral for free and take pictures inside and outside. There are also viewing decks on the top floor of the building. And for a fee of 250 rubles you can visit the Islamic museum in the basement. The mosque is open for visitors till 8 p.m.
Kul Sharif is an absolute must-see in Kazan! And it will certainly look great in your pictures!
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