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Information about Russia 20.08.2019
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Where to go shopping in Moscow? What are the most popular shopping centers?

GUM. Boasting a history of more than a century, “the main department store of Russia” faces the Red Square and houses over a hundred stores — from major brands to local specialty shops. Even if you are not going to buy anything, GUM is a must visit when in Moscow! The historic building is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out, and the glass ceiling looks spectacular.
There is also a variety of small cozy restaurants and a lot of stands with delicious ice-cream — make sure to try some!

Okhotnyi Ryad. Located next to the Kremlin, the underground mall may be a bit tricky to find, but once you do, you will not regret it! The mall is huge, and you can find here pretty much everything you want — clothes, shoes and accessories of all kinds and for average prices. There is also a large food court including global brands like McDonalds, Subway and KFC. The mall is very popular among foreign visitors.

TSUM. The luxurious department store is located in a beautiful century-old building next to the Bolshoi theater. Here you can find all possible high-end designer clothes along with jewelry, make up and electronics. The shops may seem a bit pricey, but everything is very clean, the service is great and there is navigation in English and Chinese. Definitely worth a visit!

Metropolis. The huge modern 5-level shopping mall is located in a 30-minutes ride from the center by metro, right next to Voykovskaya metro station. Here you can buy clothes by various brands — from mass market to high-end. There are also many café options including those for vegans. Metropolis is also very-well organized and not so crowded as the malls located in the center of Moscow.

Afimall. The great atrium building is located among the skyscrapers of Moscow City, near Vystavochnaya metro station. Apart from shopping areas, Afimall boasts a huge food court with both fast food and proper restaurants, an activity park, a laser tag, a movie theater, and even a touching zoo where you can pet the animals. One more highlight of the mall is a huge musical fountain that comes to life every half an hour.
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