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Information about Russia 19.10.2019
Where else to go for a walk in warm weather, if not in one of the picturesque parks of Moscow, where you will find take part in numerous cultural events and entertainment among the shady alleys and picturesque nature?

Below is a list of the most interesting and beautiful parks in Moscow that you can not miss.

Gorky Park

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Gorky Park - Central Park of Culture and Leisure. This is a place for relaxation, education, sports, dancing and outdoor games.

New sites, created in the spirit of modern design, a rich program of events - all this has turned the Park into the epicenter of the capital's life, making it one of the main points of attraction for both young people and for families.

Bicycle rental is open here, there are tennis tables, the largest sandbox and the country's first open-air cinema.

Alexander Garden

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The Alexander Garden in Moscow is located in the very center of the capital – between the Red Square and the Kremlin Embankment.

The park consists of three parts: upper, middle and lower gardens. Spruce, linden and maple, decorative bushes grow in the upper and middle parts, flower beds are planted in summer. The visitors are fascinated by the combination of historical monuments and beautiful nature.

Near the Western Kremlin wall, there is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the Eternal Flame. The memorials of heroes of the Great Patriotic War contain ground from several Russian cities.

An artificial reservoir with fountains and sculptures is located on the side of Manezhnaya Square. One of the most famous sculptures is the four bronze horses, called “The Four Seasons”.


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The main theme of the park is nature, so ecosystems of various regions of the Russian Federation have been recreated on its territory.

The best panoramic views of the embankment of the Moscow River and the Kremlin open from the Zaryadye park.
The architectural team of the park was the American bureau, which became a winner of the international competition for the best park concept.

Park Pobedy

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Park Pobedy is a large memorial complex dedicated to victory in the Great Patriotic War. In Park Pobedy, festivities are organized on holidays, people come here to lay flowers at the memorial, or just to take a walk, go roller-skating or ride a bicycle, or just admire the fountains.

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War - the main object of the entire complex - contains almost 1,500 volumes of the Books of Memory with the names of the soldiers, who died for their motherland.

Hermitage Garden

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The Hermitage Garden is one of the oldest places to go for a walk in Moscow. Although the territory of the Garden is not very large, inside are three theaters, a stage, a fountain, a playground, squirrels, pheasants, pigeons, flowers beds and cafes.

In winter, the Garden turns into the most romantic skating rink in all of Moscow. In the warm time of the year, it holds various festivals. Despite the richness of events, the Hermitage Garden has always been and remains a cozy corner in the very center of the capital.

Aptekarsky Ogorod ("Pharmaceutical Garden")

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"Pharmaceutical garden" is a corner of riot of wildlife and one of the greenest part of the center of Moscow. Many years ago, medicinal plants were grown here, then the garden passed into the hands of the Moscow State University. Today it is one of the most pleasant places to relax in the city. Where else can you find palm trees, Japanese carps, cats, sunbathing turtles and blooming sakura at the same time?

There are four greenhouses, a large exposition of ornamental, aquatic, subtropical, tropical plants and a collection of plants of different climatic zones. The oldest tree in Moscow, a three hundred year old willow, grows here, near the old pond.

Vorobyovy Gory

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Vorobyovy Gory (lit. Sparrow Hills) is known for the fact that various cultural events are often held here: concerts, sport contests. Nearby are the Luzhniki sports complex and Moscow State University. On the Sparrow Hills, there is an excellent observation deck with a beautiful view loved by both photographers and newlyweds.

In summer, in good weather, there are always a lot of people here. A lot of skating and cycling enthusiasts choose the Sparrow Hills. Along the embankment of the Moscow River, there is a great path with picturesque views.


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Kolomenskoye is one of the most ancient places of human residence on the territory of modern Moscow. Archaeological sites testify to the presence of Stone Age people here (V – III millennium BC). On the banks of the Moskva River and its tributaries numerous unfortified settlements of ancient tribes arose.

The Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve was opened in 1923. Ancient structures made of wood were brought here from different parts of Russia.


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Imperial palaces in the Russian Gothic style, large ponds, centuries-old trees ... The park, which has never become an imperial residence, is open today to anyone who wants to find a corner of tranquility in a noisy capital.

In summer, you can ride a Segway, make an electric car ride, cross a pond on a boat, try on historical costumes or take part in a quest. In winter, skiers can often be seen in the alleys, you may take a horse or a reindeer ride.


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Izmailovsky Park is one of the most environmentally friendly parks in Europe, located on 310 hectares of natural forest in the middle of the city. This territory has a rich history dating back to the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich. In the 17th century, “Wonderful Gardens” and decorative “terems” (Russian-style houses) in the Italian style were set up on the territory of his estate.

On the territory of the park is Izmailovo Manor - the beloved family estate of the Romanov family, located on an artificially created island and surrounded by the Izmailovsky Park.

Nearby is the Izmailovsky Kremlin. Built in the 90s, its architecture is rather controversial, but leaves no one indifferent.



Museon art park is a unique open-air sculpture museum. The collection contains more than 1000 sculptures: monuments of the Soviet era and the period of socialist realism, works of Russian avant-garde artists and contemporary artists.

Today, the Museon Art Park is not only a place where historical artifacts are stored, but also an unusual exhibition space, a cinema showing rare films, theater productions and original music festivals, an educational center and a large workshop.
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