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Information about Russia 19.03.2019

The main component of nightlife in Moscow are, for sure, numerous nightclubs. All kinds of karaoke bars, gaming centers, cinemas, discos offer nightly entertainment, - we will help you to decide, how to spend your time in Moscow during night time.

1. Cinema Nights in Lumyere Hall

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For Russian-speakers the unique cinema offers a new format: in a multimedia room with many large screens, so that the viewer feels himself in the epicenter of the action. The program of thematic shows includes both retro films and modern masterpieces. Cinema Nights take place every weekend.

Tickets are available online at the cinema website.

By the way, when evening comes, movies can be seen not only in the walls of cinemas. On warm summer nights, you can do it right under the sky of the capital. Popular open-air cinemas in Moscow offer their guests an excellent repertoire, soft pillows and great romantic mood.

2. Pub Crawls

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During Bar Hopping Tour you can travel around the bars and pubs of the city, exciting and unexpected tasks, dancing and, of course, dating! There are also thematic parties with a real quest - the participants perform funny and unexpected tasks in each bar, when the entire “mission” is completed, they get nice prizes.

3. Night Clubs

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Where to go at night in Moscow? Night clubs are the first thing that comes on one’s mind. Since Friday evening, they are the epicenter of the nightlife of young people (and not only young). Dance floor with powerful kilowatts of music and light, delicious cocktails and crazy drive ... Here you can relax and have fun after a hard training or work week.
You may learn about the most popular clubs in Russia in our article.

4. Night skating rinks

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Night skating is ideal for those who prefer to slide on the ice in the spotlight and to the sound of enchanting melodies at the most mysterious time of the day. Especially true in winter. For example, the skating rink on Chistye prudy. Every winter, the frozen expanse of Chisty Pond turns into a non-stop national skating rink. Here professional hockey players, amateurs and small children have fun at the same time.

5. “Bulgagovsky House” Museum

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 “Bulgakov House” is not just a museum, it is a truly mystical place, entering not only the unique Bulgakov atmosphere, but also craving for new discoveries. Now the museum conducts different nighttime excursions and immersive shows, opening the other side of the history of Moscow.

6. Moscow Night Tours

Tour to Moscow

Participants visit interesting, fascinating, and even strange places of the city. These bus excursions and walking: everyone can choose entaintainment that suits their taste!

7. Night Bus Club – disco party on wheels

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This type of club holiday came to Russia from America. There is only one Night Bus Club in Russia: it is located just in Moscow. 4.5 kilowatts of sound, a bar, a pole for dancing - there are all the attributes of a standard nightclub here, but the main "trick" is the format!

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