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Information about Russia 15.07.2020
If during your trip to Russia, you would like to not only see big cities, but also spend time outdoors, then save this list.

Art Estate "Veretievo" (@artveretevo)


It is a former pioneer camp. House of Counselors, House of Pioneers, House of Friendship - all these are the names of the buildings kept since the existence of this pioneer camp. On the territory of the art estate you can fry barbecue, fish, take a steam bath (banya), ride bicycles, play volleyball, shoot at the shooting range, attend a mini-farm or just sit by a large fire.

SFERA (@ekokempingsfera)


This is a cozy eco-camping, which is located in the picturesque city of Pereslavl-Zalessky on the shore of Lake Pleshcheevo. Guests come here to relax from the bustle of the metropolis and live in unusual houses. For example, in a real yurt.

Hobbitland (


This is a fabulous place where, in addition to the unusual concept of the hotel, guests will enjoy picturesque views of the lake and the pond. The complex includes 7 houses, inside of which there is a wood-burning stove, a cozy bed and a large round window.

Nikola-Lenivets (@nikolalenivets)


"Nikola-Lenivets" is a huge art park in the Kaluga region with stunning art objects the size of football fields and nine-story houses. Here you can ride horses and bicycles, visit the apiary and farm. You can also take a steam bath, take part in master classes, study the park and the creations of the best Russian and foreign artists.

Yasno Pole (@yasno.pole)


This is a unique architectural and landscape park where guests stay in the hotel in the form of a greenhouse or ark house. The place is suitable for true lovers of eco-style relaxation: a stable, a contact lama park, a dairy farm, a children's town and real Russian landscapes.
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