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Information about Russia 23.12.2018
In general, Russia is a kids-friendly place, there are many activities, there are some discounts for children, it is safe and affordable.

Almost every restaurant or café is equipped with children entaintainment room or offer some activities for children. There are plenty of playgrounds around. Big cities offer a chance to introduce your children to art, architecture beauty and arouse their curiosity.
Where to go with children in Moscow and St. Petersburg?

The Moscow Zoo

moscow zoo

The Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. It was opened on January 31, 1864 and according to the old style of that time, it was called the Animal Garden (lit. zoogarden). The zoo has always been a favorite place in Moscow. The Leningrad Zoo is the second largest in Russia after Moscow. In the center of a huge noisy city, at the former place, the zoo pleases visitors with a new, modern, beautiful appearance and is always glad to guests of all ages.


dolphinarium moscow

Show programs and the incomparable pleasure of unique communication with the magnificent sea inhabitants of the seas and oceans.

Moscow Planetatium

Moscow planetarium

To see the stars on a clear day, you need to sink to the bottom of the well. And you can admire the picture of the starry sky on an overcast day only by taking the plane above the upper edge of the clouds. To see the famous Southern Cross - we, the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere, need to take a trip to the equator. The sun and the stars at the same time can be observed only from the spacecraft. However, it is possible to see that it in the Planetarium.

The Nikulin Circus in Moscow

moscow circus

The Old Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is one of the oldest circuses in Russia, founded more than a hundred years ago, in 1880. The most famous artists performed at his arena.

The Grand-Market Russia in St. Petersburg

grand market russia

Russia in miniature on the area of 800 square meters impresses with its realism and size. An artificially created night plunges a miniature country into a myriad of bright lights, and then daylight returns.


peterhof with kids

The Peterhof Fountains is a must-see in St. Petersburg and one of the most famous tourist attractions. When all the 147 fountains are working, the place is perfect for a family-time. Taking a walk through the park, playing with trick fountains, viewing the grand palace – is fun for every member of the family.

VDNKh in Moscow

vdnkh moscow

VDNKh - recreation area with pavilions, where exhibitions and fairs are held, fountains, flower beds, children's and sports facilities, cafes. The territory is adapted for roller-skating and bicycles. There is also a large Oceanarium on the territory of VDNKh.

Izmailovsky Kremlin in Moscow

ismailovsky kremlin

The Kremlin in Izmailovo is a unique historical and architectural complex, located on the site of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich's workshops in Izmailovo. The architectural ensemble is perhaps the most colorful, bright and positive in Moscow. This is exactly what children like. The most popular handicrafts and educational excursions, acquainting the children with the history, traditions, crafts and Russian culture.

The Aurora Cruiser in St. Petersburg

aurora cruiser

Would be interesting for boys. The silhouette of a warship, the legendary cruiser of the 1st rank Aurora is near the Petrogradskaya Embankment of St. Petersburg. On August 30, 1960, the Aurora was given the official status of a memorial ship protected by the state.

For older children

If you travel with teenagers, you can go horse riding and hiking, rafting on rivers, fishing, climbing mountain peaks, making your way through the gorges and exploring. You can swim in Seliger, Baikal, Primorye and Karelia in mid-July and early August.
To be experienced in horse riding usually not obligatory. Mountain hiking become a kind of challenge, but from the back of the horse, you will see miles of beauty, and return home with memories of mountains and the sea.
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