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Information about Russia 30.12.2018
Russian cuisine is the variety of dishes: delicious soups, a variety of cereals, jams, pickles, tasty pastries. Russia has absorbed elements of the culture of many nations, including culinary traditions. Both meat-eaters and vegetarians will find a dish in Russian cuisine to their liking.



Borsch is a classic dish of Slavic cuisine. Borsch is a thick vegetable soup, the main ingredient of which is beets. Additional ingredients depend on your liking. Borscht can be made on broth, or lean, maybe with tomatoes or tomato paste, with sweet peppers, celery, and even mushrooms. Each housewife, of course, has his own recipe for borscht.


Vinegret — копия.jpg

This salad appeared in Russian cuisine in the XIX century. This national dish is made from boiled beets, potatoes, beans, carrots, as well as pickled cucumbers and onions. Dressed with sunflower oil. It looks like a “dry” borscht.



This popular dish is made of meat, which is cooked for a long time on fire. Those parts of pork that contain a lot of gelling agents (head, legs, ears, tails) are the most suitable for holodets. Then the meat should be separated from the bones and added to the broth. Meat with broth is poured into flat dishes. Sometimes chopped boiled carrots, garlic, and boiled egg are added.

“Olivier” Salad


Just as it is difficult for Americans to imagine Thanksgiving without a traditional turkey, the main dish on a New Year table in many Russian families is Olivier salad. Abroad it is called Russian Salad. Named after its creator, Chef Lucien Olivier, who worked in Moscow in the 19th century, it gained particular popularity in the Soviet years.

What is important is the simplicity of preparation and availability of ingredients. The classic Soviet "Olivier" included boiled potatoes and carrots, sausage, hard-boiled eggs, pickled cucumbers and green peas. All this is cut into small cubes and dressed with mayonnaise.



This is the famous Russian dish from fried thin dough. Initially, pancakes were considered to be ceremonial food, prepared for Maslenitsa or funerals. The round shape of pancakes was a symbol of the sun, as well as the life circle. Over time, the ritual meaning of pancakes was lost. Pancakes are served with honey, butter, jam. There are many analogs of pancakes in other nations.



Sirniks - a dish of Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian cuisines in the form of fritters, fried flatbread made from cottage cheese mixed with flour or decoy (some cooks believe that it is no need to add flour to real cheesecakes) and eggs. Usually cheesecakes are fried in vegetable oil, but according to some recipes it is required to bake them in the oven.
Cheesecakes can be served on a plate or in a pot with condensed milk, sour cream or jam.



When you remember the dishes of Russian cuisine, pelmeni - the first thing that comes to your mind. For the first time they were cooked in the Urals more than 600 years ago. The recipe is simple - a mixture of beef, lamb or chicken mince, wrapped in an envelope of unleavened dough. The dough is made on the basis of eggs, flour and water. Dumplings are boiled in salted water with black pepper and a couple of bay leaves. Served with or without broth. As seasonings and sauces Russians use mustard, sour cream, butter.

In everyday life the whole family gathers to prepare dumplings. Usually dumplings are cooked for several meals. Part of them is boiled immediately, and the other part is frozen.

The coated herring

Сельдь-под-шубой — копия.jpg

The coated herring is one of the most popular Russian salads. Not a single holiday passes without a coated herring, especially the New Year holidays.

According to the recipe, a layer of spiced salted herring cut in small pieces is laid out on a flat dish and is covered with layers of boiled potatoes, boiled carrots, and cooked beets. Onions and green apples can also be added. But the top layer is always beet. In most recipes, mayonnaise is applied between the layers and the top.



It is a cold soup made from diced vegetables, pickles, meat or fish. Boiled beef, chicken or sausages are used in okroshka. Fresh or pickled cucumbers, boiled potatoes, carrots are added. Then the meat and vegetable are mixed with spicy dressing. Then the greens are put, and the dish is placed in a cold place under a closed lid for at least 30 minutes. Before serving, kvass is poured into the dish and a spoonful of sour cream is added.



Pie in Russian cuisine has the similar meaning as pizza in Italian. Russian pies are baked mainly from savory dough with various fillings - from meat and fish to fruit and cottage cheese. If you try homemade cakes, consider yourself lucky. However, in many catering establishments, they taste like home-made.
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