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Information about Russia 07.03.2019
Russia is a very big country, so each of its regions has its own traditions and festivals. Let's see the most famous ones, which will take place this year.

Pancake week, Yaroslavl, Feb 2019

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Yaroslavl Maslenitsa (Pancake week) has the official status of the main Maslenitsa of the country. Most of the events take place in the historical center of Yaroslavl. Piles of hot pancakes, burning stuffed scarecrow of Maslenitsa, contests, fairs, traditional Russian fun and much more is included in the program of this bright event.

Alye Parusa ("Scarlet Sails"), St. Petersburg, 22 Jun 2019

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People from all over Russia come to St. Petersburg at the beginning of summer to see this impressive show in honor of high school graduates. There will be theatrical performances, a concert by famous singers and an exciting pyrotechnic show over the Neva! Suddenly a magnificent ship, decorated with red sails appear in the river. The remains in the memory of the audience for life.

“Oh, da, eda” Big Summer Food Festival, Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other cities, different dates

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Original products and the most daring combinations of them, the menu of the best restaurants and a whole variety of cafes: nobody will stay hungry! There are different master classes from the best chefs of the capital and a children's culinary school, team fights and gastronomic travel agencies, as well as an exhibition of the latest kitchen gadgets, open-air cinemas, a culinary library and, of course, a music program.

Usadba Jazz Festival, Moscow, Kolomenskoye Manor, 22-23 Jun 2019

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This is an open-air music festival, where soul music, jazz, funk and lounge are presented. This festival quickly gained real popularity among music lovers, it is held annually on the territory of ancient Russian estates with a long history.

Festival of landscape objects "Archstoyanie", Nikolo-Lenivets, Kaluga region, July 2019

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"Archstoyanie" is an annual international festival of landscape objects. This is a unique project that offers a new approach to the development of territories and represents the idea of interaction with the landscape by means of creative practices and modern art. Starting from 2006 objects of the festival became a part of the landscape of Nikola-Lenivets. Now there are 101 art objects.

Spasskaya Tower Military Festival, Moscow, Aug-Sep 2019

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This grand parade of military orchestrasis a large-scale musical and theatrical performance with a defile of military orchestras, dance shows and groups performing folk, pop and classical music. Traditionally, the Spasskaya Tower Festival on Red Square will be held during the celebration of Moscow City.

Veliky Bolgar (“Great Bolgar”), Tatarstan Republic, 10-11 Aug 2019

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The festival of historical medieval battle includes a tournament of 8 battles (both foot and horse.) In addition, there is a historical camp and a fair of ancient crafts; medieval children's playground; archery training; medieval music and dance.

Field Kulikovo Historical Festival, Tula Region, 19-22 Sep 2019

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The Festival invites you to see a real medieval battle, to take part in a contest of archers and fencers, to see how real knightly tournaments took place. The event is held annually to commemorate the victory of Dmitry Donskoy’s army over the Golden Horde.

Light Circle Festival, Moscow, Sep 2019

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This is an annual event when Moscow becomes the center of the light, colorful iconic video projections, fabulous installations and fantastic multimedia shows using light, fire, lasers and fireworks. It is possible to come and enjoy the performances for free.

Altai wintering, Altai Region, 30 Nov 2019

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The holiday "Altai wintering" opens the winter tourist season in the Altai. Over 70 sports, cultural and business events take place: spectacular competitions, festival of northern sled dogs, racing and photo shoot with Huskies, contests, master classes, fireworks. The “heart” of the festival is Sovetsky district. Here, on the territory of the Lebediniy reserve, there are non-freezing lakes - wintering grounds for more than 700 swans.
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