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Information about Russia 17.10.2019
The most beautiful metro stations in Moscow
Many metro stations of the Russian capital worth seeing, we are sure, you may like them even more than some sights on the ground.
Below is the selection of the most beautiful, bright and unusual stations. You will definitely remember this tour, what is more, it does not depend on the weather and will cost you not more than 55 rubles.

Kievskaya Station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line)

kievskaya - arbpok.jpg

The station was the last station of Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line for 50 years - from 1953 to 2003. Its name speaks for itself: the design is dedicated to the theme of the reunification of Russia and Ukraine. One of the walls is decorated with a large mosaic panel depicting the festival in Kiev, in honor of the 300th anniversary of this event.

The pylons of the station, its main architectural elemets, are faced with white Koelga marble. The arches between the pylons are decorated with 24 frescoes framed by molding, depicting the working people of Soviet Ukraine. On the side of the platform, there are some fantastic plants depicted on the pylons. The station is lighted with luxurious rock crystal chandeliers.

Kievskaya Station (Ring Line)

kievskaya kolts.jpg

The "Kiev" Ring Line looks like a hall of the art gallery. The arches between the pylons are decorated with mosaic tiles made of smalt in frames imitating woodcarvings. There are moldings in the arches. Chandelier-candelabra with delicate metal elements come down from the ceiling.

The design theme is friendship between Russia and Ukraine. On one of the walls there is a panel depicting flags with a portrait of Vladimir Lenin and his words about the indestructible friendship of the peoples of the two former union republics.

One of the exits to the station was made by French architects. The entrances of the first Paris metro stations were the basis for the design. The stained-glass window "Kurochka Ryaba" at the station "Madeleine" in Paris was a thank you gift from the Russians.

Mayakovskaya Station (Zamoskvoretskaya line)


Mayakovskaya Station became the first deep-laid columned station in the world. In 1938, its project was presented at the World Exhibition in New York and got the Grand Prix.

During the Great Patriotic War, the station was used as a bomb shelter.

The station is more like an underground palace - decorated in the style of “Stalinist neoclassicism” with some avant-garde decor elements, it is elegant and full of light and space. Niches with lamps in the ceiling are decorated with mosaic panels. The theme is “The Day in the Soviet Sky”, in order to see them, you need to stand directly under the niche and raise your head up high.

Novoslobodskaya Station (Circle line)


The very entrance to the Novoslobodskaya station is majestic and monumental - the ground lobby, which is an object of cultural heritage, is made in the style of ancient temples.

The interior design of Novoslobodskaya is not less beautiful than its exterior. Pylons are faced with light marble, each of them has colored stained-glass windows illuminated from the inside and decorated with steel and gilded brass. Multi-colored glass folds into images of stars, fantastic plants and flowers, at the top of each stained glass window there is a medallion that displays pictures of everyday life.

The panel at the end of the central hall is also dedicated to the theme of the peace. The background is a golden five-pointed star, in front is a happy mother with a baby in her arms. The panel is called "The World Peace".

Revolution Square Station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line)

метро-Площаль-Револции-_1-1024x768 — копия.jpg

Revolution Square is a real sculpture museum in the Moscow Metro. In the corners of the pylons, 76 bronze sculptures depicting Soviet people are located on both sides. Here are revolutionaries, students, workers and collective farmers - each sculpture has its own unique composition and plot.

To fit the sculptures into arched openings, all the characters are sited, bent, or on their knees.

There are some superstitions connected with the Revolution Square Station. Students believe that if you rub the nose of the dog at the sculpture “Border guard with a dog” before the exam, then everything will go well. To touch the shoe of a “Student with a book” is a way to recover from unrequited love. Touching the flag in the hands of the sailor-signalman from the battleship "Marat" will ensure success in business during the day.

Prospect Mira Station (Circle Line)

prospect mira.jpg

The design of Prospekt Mira station, called the Botanical Garden until 1966, is dedicated to the topic of agriculture in the Soviet Union. Massive pylons, lined with cream marble, are crowned with wide relief friezes, medallions depicting Soviet agricultural workers at work.

In 1958, a transition to the Prospekt Mira station of the Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line was built at the western end of the station. The ground lobby is built into a multi-story residential building on Prospekt Mira. The facade of the lobby is decorated with sculptures and original clock, inside there is a panel “Mother of the World”.

Smolenskaya Station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line)


The design of the Smolenskaya station is dedicated to the theme of patriotism and defence of the homeland. Walls and pavilions, the escalator hall are decorated with the images of soldiers.
The station hall is lit by candelabra on the pylons, as well as lamps hidden behind the ledge under the arch of the hall.

Taganskaya Station (Circle Line)

taganskaya — копия.jpg

Military-historical theme is also used in the design of the Taganskaya. On pylons in niches there are beautiful embossed majolica panels, in the center of which there are medallions depicting profiles of soldiers of various branches of the armed forces - infantrymen, tankmen, pilots, artillerymen, sailors and others. The pylons themselves are faced with white marble.

Particularly noteworthy are the chandeliers located along the axis of the arches - with twisted elements and blue glass vases at the bottom – a perfect combination with the design of the halls of the station.

Slavyansky Boulevard Station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line)

slavyansky boulevard.jpg

The station is decorated with Art Nouveau metal elements inspired by the entrances of Hector Guimard of the Paris Metro. Forged metal ornaments made of leaves and branches form beautiful arches.

There are three benches. Metal "trees" are installed on the platform to give the station a resemblance to a real boulevard. On the tops of the “trees” lanterns are placed.

Komsomolskaya Station (Circle line)

Komsomolskaya-KL_MosMetro_station_02-2015_platform-1 — копия.jpg

The name of the station is associated with Komsomolskaya Square, which is also called the "Square of Three Stations".
The theme of the station design is “The struggle of the Russian people for freedom”. All panels located are devoted to this topic. They depict prominent political and military figures, including: Kutuzov, Suvorov, Minin, Pozharsky, Dmitry Donskoy and Alexander Nevsky. There are pictures of Soviet soldiers and officers under the walls of the Reichstag.
Mosaic inserts and bas-reliefs depicting weapons support the design of the station.
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