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Information about Russia 07.12.2019
In Russia it is said that St. Petersburg is a better place to have a drink, than Moscow. But the number of pubs and bars in Moscow makes it hard to choose. We hope, this list will help you to make this choice and have an unforgettable night out.

Strelka Bar

Стрелка Бар — копия.jpg

Creative bar with a view terrace near the Strelka institute. In the afternoon, there are laid-back conversation over a glass of wine or a cocktail. The wine list has more than fifty items from Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. There are about a hundred original cocktails to choose from: fruit long drinks, strong drinks based on gin or bourbon and tropical cocktails.The signature drink here is Strelka Lemonade with fruit vodka, grapefruit, maraschino and lime with soda.

The menu offers tapas, international hot dishes, salads, desserts. Among them are many vegetarian positions.

The interior of the bar is eclectic, with elements of art deco, Italian and Scandinavian design of the 60s and 70s. On weekends, Strelka hosts traditional parties with DJs. All the profit of this cool Moscow bar goes to the development of the Strelka Institute.

Address: Bersenevskaya emb., 14, bld. 5 (Kropotkinskaya Metro Station)

Antiquarny Boutique Bar

Антикварный бутик бар — копия.jpg

Besides being a well-known cocktail Moscow bar, Antiquarny Boutique is also a shop of old furniture and a restaurant. The bar is open strictly until 11 pm. You have to call to enter, but such strictness is justified by the incredible liberty here: you can order from the menu or ask to just cut cucumbers with tomatoes, you can drink in the hall, or in the kitchen, like you are at home.

There are surprisingly a lot of food for the bar, as many as two menus, the usual and the author’s from Bakunov, the bar’s concept-chef.

By the way, furniture can also be bought here.

Address: Zvonarsky Lane, 5

I like Wine

i like wine — копия.jpeg

The first democratic wine bar in Moscow, where wine is a highlight. The kitchen is under the vigilant control of Dmitry Parikov, a brand chief. There is also everything you need to get the best taste of wine: a wide range of cheeses, meat, seafood and vegetarian food.

By the way, besides evenings, you can come for breakfast or lunch.

The main thing in I Like Wine is wine, it is treated respectfully here: there are more than 100 positions, the basis of which are rare specimens. Feel free to try everything: almost any wine in I Like Wine is offered by glass.

Address: Pokrovka st., 16

Crazy Daisy

Crazy Daisy — копия.jpg

Chain bar with dancing opened in 2010 is one of the best bars of Moscow. The main feature of the bar is dancing at the bar. The menu is quite simple, including classic European salads, a couple of pizza options, burgers and steaks. In addition to beer, bartenders will offer original drinks and twists for classic cocktails. Every Day Crazy Daisy hosts theme parties with dances and performances by popular DJs.

Bolshaya Dmitrovka st., 23, bld. 1
Sretenka st., 32
Turgenevskaya sq., 2

Dorogaya, Ya Perezvonyu (“Dear, I will call you back”)

дорогая я перезвоню — копия.jpg

 A network of top bars in Moscow by Dmitry Levitsky, one of the main enthusiasts of this culture. Good food, high-quality drinks, sports on the big screen and loud music on Fridays - apparently, the idea of his bar is as sweet to the heart of a Russian as to the heart of an Englishman or an American.

The menu is simple: Pasta Carbonara, burgers, chicken wings, great choice of alcoholic drinks. The interior is decorated in the best traditions of European bars.

Bolshoy Spasoglinischevsky Lane, 9 (Kitay-Gorod Metro Station)
2 Tverskaya-Yamskaya st., 10 (Mayakovskaya Metro Station)
Pyatnitsky Lane, 2 (Novokuznetskaya Metro Station)

Timeout Rooftop Bar

time out bar — копия.jpg

Panoramic cocktail bar is located on the 12th and 13th floors of the Beijing Hotel, which overlooks the center of Moscow.

The owners of the bar came up with a special “schedule”, to which the name “Timeout” refers. Breakfast drinks are served in the mornings - light cocktails based on citrus fruits, aperitifs - before lunch, large teapots with cocktails are placed on the tables around 5 p.m. Time for long drinks comes in the evening. Stronger drinks are prepared when night falls.

The cuisine here is also interesting and gives a place for bold gastronomic experiments.

The interior is very elegant: the upper hall is decorated with panoramic windows with small glazing, white columns and paintings on the ceiling. The lower floor has two spacious unglazed verandas. The design of the restaurant has specially preserved elements of ancient tiles and mosaics.

Address: Bolshaya Sadovaya st., 5 (Mayakovskaya Metro Station)

Tap and Barrel Pub

tap and barrel -2.jpg

From the beginning of the 60s to the mid-90s, the Soviet beer bar, known to all as the legendary and wild Yama Bar, worked here. The first beer machines in the Union were installed here, in one of the best pubs in Moscow. Now up to 500 people can easily fit in a pub under vaulted ceilings of the 15th century.

Painters and furniture makers from Ireland worked on the design. This old school Moscow pub looks a bit like the Harry Potter library - bookcases with the second-hand edition of Dickens' works and the complete collection of the Great Irish Encyclopedia, respectable Chester sofas and frescoes with literary plots.

Besides 50 types of beer, here you can watch football on a four-meter screen, eat beef stroganoff with baked potatoes and the famous Guinness Pie.

Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 13

Mollie’s Pub


Located in the historical center of Moscow on Myasnitskaya Street, Mollie’s is one of the oldest pubs in Moscow. It is one of the most popular places with city residents and tourists. Mollie’s offers wide beer range, attractive prices and stylish music. It is pleasant to spend the evening with colleagues and friends here, or to organize an unforgettable celebration. Here you can drink the best beers from around the world, taste delicious whiskey or cocktails, enjoy European and Irish dishes.

Two floors of the Irish pub in Moscow give everyone the opportunity to choose their own way to relax. There is a large bar counter with an invariable team of bartenders, comfortable sofas on the second floor for big companies.

Address: Myasnitskaya st., 13, bld. 3

Too Much Beer and Wine

too much beer and wine — копия.jpg

The concept is based on an expert selection of the best beers and wines. In the bar card of the bar - dozens of positions of bottled and draft beer from America, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, Scotland, the Netherlands and Russia - you take a real trip around the countries. The wine also varies a lot - red, white, pink and sparkling kinds are brought both from the countries of the Old World, and from Africa, New Zealand, Australia and South America.

The cuisine menu includes both beer classics (fried chicken wings, spices shrimps, baked pork ribs), as well as author's dishes.

Address: Maly Gnezdikovsky Lane, 12

Let’s Rock Bar

let's rock bar — копия.jpg

During the day, Let's Rock is a pleasant and kind cafe, but every evening youth and drive wake up, and the parties turn out to be really hot with live music.

There is no room for shyness at Let’s Rock Bar, situated right near the Red Square. Everything is real here! Despite the fact that this is a Bar, day and night there are not only hot shots, but also a variety of food.

Address: Kuznetsky most, 4/3, bld. 1

Chinese Pilot Jao Da

китайский летчик дзао — копия.jpg

"Chinese Pilot Jao Da" club is absolutely reckless and creative place. Each visitor is presented with a leaflet “17 episodes from the life of Jao Da,” and the brightest moments of his life are depicted on the club walls. The name, design and proposed programs - everything here says that you are in a different reality.

Club life has been seething in this place for almost 20 years. Unique musicians from different corners of the planet Earth, including the most exotic ones, visited the small stage of the Pilot. All of them have forever become friends of the club.

There is only one rule in the choice of programs: it should be fun and talented. Therefore, often in these walls French chansonnier and St. Petersburg hooligans, English punks and African ethnic people coexist.
Also in the club, you can have a varied meal. The menu is very extensive: here you can try pancakes with liver pate, udon with chicken and fish soup at very reasonable prices.

Address: Lubyansky Passage, 25, bld. 1

Rock’n’Roll Bar

rock n roll bar — копия.jpg

Every detail of the Rock'n'Roll Bar interior conveys the spirit of rebellion, freedom and love of good music. In the afternoon, this is a great place for a delicious lunch, in the evening - a buzzy bar where you can really have fun. Dj bars play rock music, brit pop, rockabilly, hard rock, punk rock and pop rock. Every Wednesday - live performances of music groups.

Here dancing on the bar and on the windowsills is welcome.

Address: Sretenka st., 1

Bar Coyote Ugly

coyote ugly — копия.jpg

The Ugly Coyote is a bar of the well-known American network, in which they treat themselves to burgers during the day, and in the evening - loud music and dancing by waitresses at the bar counter.

The bar counter along the whole hall is, perhaps, the center of the composition. This is an integral show without which the Coyote Ugly would not be the Coyote Ugly. You can either choose to be at the epicenter of events, on high chairs in the center of the hall, or lounging on sofas against a wall painted with graffiti.

Address: Bolshaya Dmitrovka st., 13

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