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Information about Russia 10.07.2020
We've chosen 3 films that show Moscow from differents side, but all in a charming way.

"Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future (1973)"


It's one of the most successful Soviet films of all time (a science-fiction comedy).  A Moscow scientist, Shurik Timofeev, is working on a time machine in his apartment. He makes a mistake and accidentally brings Ivan the Terrible from the Middle Ages to 20th-century Moscow and sends the superintendent of his building, Ivan Vasilievich, as well as a small-time burglar, George, in his place. Ivan the Terrible and Ivan Vasilievich are very similar in terms of their appearance, but very different in terms of their character, which causes a string of comic misunderstandings.

"The Irony of Fate (1976)"


Absolute classic of Soviet cinematography. Even though only a part of it is set in Moscow, it is still an invaluable resource for aspiring Muscovites. The plot of the film is founded on the uniformity of Brezhnev-era Soviet architecture. The story starts when a group of friends celebrate New Year’s Eve in a traditional Russian sauna. After the party is over, they are all royally drunk and are no longer sure which one of them was supposed to fly Leningrad that same evening. They accidentally send Zhenya instead of Pavlik, and Zhenya doesn’t even notice. Still drunk, he goes to what he believes is his flat, opens what he believes is his door with his key, and falls fast asleep. He’s woken up by a woman he doesn’t know trying to kick him out from what is, in fact, her flat. The Irony of Fate is hugely popular up to this day, and it’s broadcasted on television every year on New Year’s Day.

 "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (1980)"


It tells a story of three young women, Katerina, Lyudmila and Antonina, who come to Moscow in search of a better life. The film takes us through their adventures as they adapt to life in the capital. Most importantly, Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears shows Moscow as it was in the ’80s, in all its glory, but also with all its flaws.

All of the mentioned movies may be found on Youtube, channel "Mosfilm"
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