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Information about Russia 14.07.2020
Modern Russian Authors to Read
Books of popular writers in Russia translated to other languages

1. Glukhovsky Dmitry "Metro 2033"
As a result of the exchange of nuclear strikes, all major cities were wiped off the earth. Almost all the action of the novel takes place in the Moscow Metro, where people live at stations and in junctions. The protagonist of the book, Artyom (a 24-year-old young man), lives at the VDNH station, which suffers from the invasion of the so-called “blacks” (mutants).

2. Guzel Yakhina "Zuleikha"
Zuleikha is a young Muslim woman living in a village. During the Stalinist regime she was sent to the Gulag. The boat that should have brought prisoners to Siberia sinks. Zuleikha and several prisoners survive and they appear in the middle of nowhere in the taiga forest with a guard.

3. Sergey Lukyanenko "The night watch"
This is a story about the Other World, people with magical powers from birth. Having passed the initiation, they voluntarily choose the side. Depending on whether it is light or dark, Some fall into the Night or Day Watch. Indeed, for the world to remain in balance, the number of the Light must be equal to the number of the Dark. One day the balance was broken.

4. Sasha Filippenko "The red cross"
The main character, Tatyana Alekseevna, was born in London. In the early 1920s, she went to Russia, where communism was born and became a typist in the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs. Germany attacked the Soviet Union. Every day she receives dozens of letters. On the second day of the war, an international organization offers the USSR assistance in the exchange of prisoners of war. In the list of prisoners, she finds the name of her husband.

5. Boris Akunin "The winter queen" (Erast Fandorin Mysteries #1)
"Azazel" (the Russian name of the book) is the first novel in a series about Erast Fandorin. The twenty-year-old detective investigates the student's suspicious suicide and enters into a tangled global conspiracy that will determine his whole life. The book is full of information from the history of Russia and at the same time is a fascinating detective reading.

6. Svetlana Alexievich – "The Unwomanly Face of War"
Belorussian writer, her works are devoted to the life of the late USSR and the post-Soviet era. "The Unwomanly Face of War" is a collection of stories from Soviet women who lived through the Second World War. Alexievich gives voice to women who are absent from official narratives - captains, sergeants, nurses, snipers and pilots.

7. Victor Pelevin – "Omon Ra"
Omon Ra is a pointed, dead-on-satire of the now-defunct Soviet space program, and a moving account of a cosmonaut's coming-of-age. The story is told in the voice of its young protagonist, Omon Ra. Ever since he was a boy, Omon has dreamed of flying in space. He enrolls in a training program for cosmonauts, only to learn that his first assignment will also be his last.

8. Alexey Ivanov –  "The Geographer Drank His Globe Away"
The main character, a biologist named Victor Sluzhkin, loses his job and is forced to take a job in a local school as a geography teacher. He feels lonely and depressed. To deal with the stresses of life, he drinks a lot. When he organizes a trip on the river with a group of students from his class, it turns into a journey of self-discovery both for him and for the young men and women from his class.

9. Ludmila Ulitskaya "The Big Green Tent"
The book is about Soviet dissidents, so reading does not promise to be easy, but it will certainly be interesting and fascinating. The novel tells about the generation of those who had to grow up during the fifties, choose their fate in the sixties, pay the bills in the seventies and so on ...

10. Mikhail Zygar "All the Kremlin's Men"
A book by the famous Russian journalist describes the history of Putin's Russia, based on interviews with Russian politicians from Putin's inner circle. It took Zygar seven years to write, interviewing current and former associates of the Russian president. The book has become an outstanding best-seller in Russia.
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