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Information about Russia 21.08.2019
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The Metro in Russia is being built only in million-plus cities. Although already 15 cities have grown to such status, the present metro operates only in seven of them. Anyway, every Russian metro is in some ways is the best of the best.

As already been mentioned in previous posts, Moscow Metro is the first metro in Russia. The very first line with 13 stations opened in 1935. Today, the Moscow Metro is a giant underground city.

St. Petersburg Metro - the second in Russia in order of precedence and size. It was opened in 1955. There are 67 stations in it, almost all stations are deep-laid, which means, they are 22-86 meters from the surface of the earth, but some tunnels are laid at a depth of 95-100 meters.

One of the stations of the Nizhny Novgorod metro is ground, and the rest are at a depth of no more than 20 meters. Trains are crossing the river on the metro bridge. The first stations were opened in the fall of 1985, now the metro consists of two lines with 14 stations and 1 transfer.

In Novosibirsk is the only metropolitan beyond the Urals, in Siberia. In this part of the country are very severe winters: even the average annual temperature can fall below zero. Therefore, the builders of the subway in Novosibirsk constantly have to deal with negative temperatures.

Moreover, here is the longest metro bridge in the world: it stretches across the Ob River for 2145 meters.

The length of the only line of the Samara Metro, opened in 1987, is only 10.3 km. It connects nine stations, metro trains running between them four cars each. The interval between trains is from seven to nine minutes, but the journey from the first to the last station takes only twenty minutes.

The first metro in the Urals is in Yekaterinburg. The Ekaterinburg metro is not much different in size from the Samara metro: one line is 12.7 km long and nine stations. But citizens love it, and the metro, opened in 1991, now carries about 200 thousand passengers a day.

Kazan metro is the only subway that opened in Russia after the collapse of the USSR. This metro took its first passengers in 2005, the year of Kazan’s millennium celebration. A modern integrated security system is the pride of the Kazan metro. Here passengers pass to the trains under the control of metal detectors, electronic scanners and video cameras.
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