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Information about Russia 21.03.2019
In general, Russia is a safe country to travel, especially if go to large cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan) or if you are taking a train trip or a cruise.
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There are many police officers on the streets of big cities, which increases a feeling of security. They rarely check documents from tourists, mainly, their attention is directed to immigrants from Central Asia.

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However, there are some places, that are less safe, such as the Ukrainian border, North Caucasus.

Here are some tips to feel more secure during a trip to Russia:

  • Ask the Tourist Police for help, if you need it. They know English, and work in the central areas of Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Keep your money safely and be careful with expensive equipment. The main crime against tourists is theft.
  • Do not leave your belongings inside a car, do not leave your documents and money in the hotel.
  • Do not smoke in public places, there is a strict smoking policy in Russia
  • It is also not allowed to drink alcohol in the streets and parks
  • Check the Russian customs policy, before you go. For example, you can bring no more than 3 liters of alcohol to Russia and 50 cigarette
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  • Use official taxi services. Better to use mobile apps, they show the price for your trip, before you go
  • There are some sights, usually like natural reserves, when a foreigner need to have a special allowance to attend. It is better to check it, if you are planning to explore wild Russia on your own
  • Emergency number is Russia is “112”
  • Be careful when crossing the streets. Unfortunately, there are some drivers who ignore the rules.
  • Avoid travelling to the outskirts of big cities at night
  • It is better not to drink tap water. For example, in Moscow it leaves a residue when boiled. So, our advice is to buy bottled water
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