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Information about Russia 18.12.2018
If you are not the first time in Russia, and have already seen the main sights of Moscow and St. Petersburg, it's time to see the real Russia and see countryside, smaller cities and its outstanding nature.


What to see in Sochi

Sochi gives the opportunity to get from summer to winter and back in a couple of hours. The contrast of the sea and snow-capped mountains, the contrast of cultures is already enough to attract tourists to Sochi. In addition, the resort is located on the territory of the Caucasus, there are parks with relic plants.

In Sochi itself there are activities and sights enough for a trip of several days. The embankment, parks, theaters and concert halls, festivals and Caucasian cuisine - this is only one side of the city life. Everyone will find something to do – either entaintaiments of the nightlife, or relaxation in sanatoriums and resorts.

Baikal Lake

baikal the deepest lake on earth

Baikal has been firmly included in the list of the best places and most beautiful places in Russia. Its shores abound with unique natural attractions: rocks, caves, bays, islands, bays and waterfalls. Here you can see the seal in their natural habitat, drink from a healing spring and visit ancient sacred places.

For the majority of tourists who came to Lake Baikal, the settlement of Listvyanka becomes the starting point for travel. On the way to the village, it is good to visit the open-air museum Taltsy. There are the best examples of architecture and household items that reflect the culture of local people.

Baikal is also a great place to visit in winter, which will open up plenty of new unusual activities. Of course, it is cold here in winter, but not as severe as in the rest of Siberia. The reason for this is the fact that over the summer water in the lake heats up to a depth of almost 200 meters. This accumulated heat makes winter rather mild on Baikal, but this concerns only to cities located near the coast.

The beauty of winter landscapes on Baikal amazes with its magnificence - sparkling snow in the sun, amazing Baikal ice, frozen in strange forms, rocks hanging over it, and the sky above all this.


ural mountains russia

The Ural Mountains are the oldest on the planet Urals separating the East European and West Siberian Plains. The local peaks and caves keep the secrets of ancient times. It is also one of the most mythologized regions of the country.

The main city of the Urals is Yekaterinburg. There is the shortest metro in the world, amazing houses like the building of the former District Court, the Church-on-the-Blood at the site of Ipatiev’s house, many museums and tourist routes associated with, for example, Sverdlovsk rock club.

One of the Urals’ sights is the two-storey Ignatiev cave. The entrance to it leads from the grotto in the form of an arch. Tourists there will see drawings made with red ocher left by ancient people. It is believed, that these silhouettes were depicted fifteen hundred years ago.



Kamchatka will turn your world upside down. Among the vast spaces where nature rules, all problems will immediately leave your head. It is a place where you can find yourself on the geyser field, soak up the hot spring overlooking the volcano and ski to the Pacific Ocean.

Thermal springs with silver, cobalt and silica can be found in the Nalychevo Natural Park. You can test their healing power on yourself, staying in the house right in the park.
Everyone knows about the Valley of Geysers. However, the geyser field is hundred times more impressive in real life. Just imagine the whole mountain valley, where everything fizzles, boils, soars and gurgles! Look around — apart from geysers you will see fissures-fumaroles, mud volcanoes and thermal springs. The Valley of Geysers
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