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Information about Russia 14.07.2020

1. Tula gingerbreadtulsky_pryanik.jpg

It can rightfully be called one of the most ancient Russian sweets. It is usualy made with jam or condensed milk filling, which are produced at the enterprises of the city of Tula, located about 200 km south of Moscow. At the end of the last millennium, the Tula Gingerbread Museum was even opened in this city.

2. PastilaPastila.JPG

The main ingredients of the marshmallows are Russian sour apples, sugar and egg white to get a white color.

3. Bird's Milk Cake

The recipe was invented by a group of confectioners of the confectionery shop of the Moscow restaurant "Prague" and tastes like the French marshmallow covered with chocolate.

4. Chak-Chak


It is a national dish of Bashkirs and Tatars - one of the most numerous peoples inhabiting the Russian Federation. This oriental sweet is made from soft dough and raw eggs. Thin short sticks are formed, resembling vermicelli, which are then deep-fried and watered with a hot mass prepared on the basis of honey.

5. Vatrushka


It is a cake made of yeast, butter or unleavened dough, rounded at the edges. The filler are the simplest sweets - cottage cheese with sugar, jam, condensed milk or jam.

6. Churchkhela


This dish came to us from Caucasian cuisine. It is made from stringed nuts in a thickened flour grape juice. By the way, it takes more than two weeks to dry churchkhela in the sun.

7. Syrok


Syrok is a unique invention of the Soviet food industry. Basically, it is cottage cheese with sugar covered with chocolate. Nowdays they are made with different fillings, like boiled condensed milk, jam, different types of chocolate, coconut and many others.

8. Syrniki


It is another dessert made of cottage cheese. Those are small cheesecakes usually fried on a pan. Syrniky are usually served with sour cream, berries and jam.

9. Sochnik

This pastry also has cottage cheese as an ingredient. Today, they can be found lurking everywhere, from theater buffets to school canteens.

10. Bliny and Oladyi

Bliny are Russian pancakes, oladyi are thicker and smaller. Bliny and oladyi are not always dessert. Russians it them with cheese, mushrooms, ham, fish and even caviar. But the classical ones are with sour cream and jam.

11. Napoleon cake


The Napoleon cake is a Russian classic that pre-dates Soviet times. It is a kind of layered crêpe and custard cake, it is traditionally decorated with cake crumbs.

12. Potato cakes


The unglamorous name comes from the cake’s appearance. Another way to make use of old food, potato cakes traditionally are made up of stale cake mixed with condensed milk, dried fruit and nuts, and liqueur. These balls are then dusted with cocoa.

13. Medovik


It is a honey cake popular up and down Russia. It can be made with condensed milk, buttermilk, custard or with the original sour cream. Thin layers of pastry, are layered with the sweetened cream. Excess bits of pastry are blitzed into crumbs and used to coat the cake.

14. Cranberries in sugar

s1200 (1)1.jpg

Those are just sour berries in sugar glaze.

15. Jubilee cookies


Russia’s cookie-in-chief was created in 1913 specifically for the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. Goes well with tea and can be used as a base for other desserts.

16. Alyonka chocolate


If you’ve ever seen a wrapper in a Russian supermarket depicting a girl in a colorful shawl, it’s the legendary Alyonka milk chocolate, produced since the 1960s.

17. Charlotte pie


It is a sponge cake made of flour, eggs and sugar stuffed with apple slices. It is usually baked in late August, when gardens in Russia are bursting with apples.
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