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Information about Russia 15.08.2020
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the appearance of the City series of ruble banknotes.

The 10-ruble note, which today is almost completely withdrawn from circulation, is dedicated to the largest city of Central and Eastern Siberia - Krasnoyarsk, founded in 1628.

The banknote shows:
- the arched Communal bridge over the Yenisei,
- the famous chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa (XIX century),
- Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station.

The main theme of the 50-ruble note is the sights of St. Petersburg.
224311_big.jpgThose are:
- an allegorical sculpture of the Neva at the foot of one of the Rostral columns on the spit of Vasilyevsky Island,
- the building of the St. Petersburg Exchange.

The 100-ruble note is dedicated to Moscow:668460_big.jpg
- The bronze quadriga of Apollo, the work of Baron Klodt, located on the pediment of the Bolshoi Theater,
- The building of the Bolshoi Theater.

The 200-ruble note, put into circulation in 2017, shows:kupyura-200-rubley-1-11453930.jpg
- Monument to the scuttled ships in Sevastopol,
- the ruins of the ancient city of Tauric Chersonesos.

The 500-ruble is dedicated to the sights of Arkhangelsk. The northern port city was founded at the mouth of the Northern Dvina in 1584:219531_big.jpg
- Monument to Peter the Great on the background of the Arkhangelsk port and sailing ship,
- A view of the Solovetsky monastery - the northernmost monastery in Russia.

The banknote of 1000 rubles shows the sights of one of the oldest cities in Russia - Yaroslavl:Фото-179.jpg
- Monument to the founder of the city, opened in 1993,
- Russia's only 15-head church - the Church of St. John the Baptist in Yaroslavl.

A banknote of 2000 rubles is dedicated to the Far Eastern territories of our country:2000.jpg
- view of the grand cable-stayed bridge (over 1100 m) connecting Vladivostok with Russky Island,
- Vostochny spaceport, the construction of which began in 2011.

Currently, the banknote of the largest denomination is 5000 rubles. It is dedicated to another Far Eastern city -
- Monument N.N. Muravyov-Amursky, the founder of the city;
- Amur Miracle or Khabarovsk Bridge (length about 4 km).
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