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Information about Russia 10.07.2020
We have chosen 10 most interesting stores in Moscow.
Where to look for expensive vintage? Where to find the clothes of Soviet times? Where can the good branded things be found?

1. Vintage Atelier @vintage_atelier (vintage jewelry) 

attachment (1).png

Moscow, Khokhlovskiy lane, 7-9, bldg 1

Vintage Atelier owner Natalya Grigoryeva has been bringing vintage jewelry to Moscow since 2010. The collection is so vast that it does not fit in the showroom's Instagram. You will have to choose among hundreds of brooches, bracelets and earrings by Elsa Schiaparelli, Nettie Rosenstein, Joseff of Hollywood, Miriam Haskell and other famous designers of the 20th century. The collection is not limited to one style: massive 80s gold, naive dragonflies from rhinestones, and antique necklaces, and baroque pearls are on sale all year round.

Pearl earrings - 1200 rub, $6
Bracelet Givency 3500 rub, $18

2. Otvintage @otvintage (men's oldschool)


Moscow, Oktyabrskiy lane, 23

Otvintage covers the vast needs of Moscow men - from office workers to fans of hard rock. There are modest costume shirts, colored windbreakers from the 90s, slightly faded long sleeve trousers with recognizable logos, hoodies with skulls and university jackets. Sizes are standard, prices are affordable.
T-shirts: upto 1000 rub or $15
"Diesel" jacket - 4000 rub or $58

3. Vertical Store @verticalmoscow (heritage)

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Moscow, Bolshaya Polyanka str, 43 bldg 2

The Vertical Store team specializes in high-quality and up-to-date men's street-wear of the middle price segment. To understand the aesthetics of the place, just look at the brand list: Carhartt, Ralph Lauren, The North Face, Lyle & Scott, Kappa, Tommy Hilfiger.

Fred Perry polo - 1400 rub or $20
Levi's jeans - 3000 rub or $50

4. Rocko Bohos @rockobohos

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Moscow, Flacon, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya 36

Rocko Bohos is inspired by the images of stars from the red carpet of the 90s and models of the “heroin chic” era. In reality, this translates into leather shoes from Florida, frantic panama, tops made of macrame, hair clips and raver glasses.

net-dress: 2000 rub or 30$
vintage botforts: 5000 rub or 72$

5. Levsha @rynok_levsha (soviet stuff)

attachment (6).png

Moscow, Novoshodnenskoe shosse, vl 166

The oldest flea market in Russia (more than 200 years old). You will have to look for vintage, antiques and decent second-hand at a huge regular fair, which attracts not only junk collectors, but also authors of various remodels. The assortment is more modest than the tourist and sleek Vernissage in Izmailovo, and the atmosphere is similar to the St. Petersburg "Udelka" flea market in the past.

Bike "Sholnik" - 700 rub or 12$
Soviet record player: 4500 rub or 65$

6. Kings of Denim @kings_of_denim (men's denim)

attachment (7).png

Moscow, Lyanin lane, 14 bldg 3

American work style showroom: tight jeans, strong jackets, plaid shirts, t-shirts with rock band logos. Depending on the season Hawaiian shirts, solid leathers and sheepskin coats supplement the base.

USA overall, 80s - 5500 rub or $80
Leather coat, Korea, 80s - 8500 rub or $125

7. Freak Frak @freakfrak_vintage

attachment (8).png

Moscow, Shabolovka str, 25/1

Freak Frak is the oldest thematic vintage store in the city. Its creator is a fashion historian Irina Getmanova. The collection contains 12 thousand items. In the basement on Shabolovka everything is conditionally divided into categories: Bavarian blouses, Soviet retro, leather jackets, hats, a-line skirts.

70s dress: 3500 rub or 50$
tailcoat: 10 000 rub or 145$

8. Сream Moscow @creammoscow

attachment (9).png

Moscow, Pokrovka 17

Cream sells things that are recognizable and exclusive at the same time: fur coats in the Tenenbaum Family style, comfortable shoes, leather jackets, silk.
Of the brands Giorgio Armani, Jil Sander, Prada are most often found.

Gucci shirt: 5500 rub or $80
Jil Sander cotton shirt: 7600 rub or $110

9. Party of two @partyof2two

attachment (10).png

Moscow, Kuznetskiy Most, 12

Exhibited in Party of Two frames were produced from the 1930s to the 1990s. Not all glasses were in use, many completely new. There is a museum rarities for connoisseurs. For the rest understandable frames for every day use are available, elegant sunglasses and optics with impressive Chanel and Versace logos.

Vintage glasses Vogue - 5500 rub or r $80
Vintage tortoiseshell frames - 6200 rub or $92

10. Small Reed Shop @small_reed_shop (men's classic)

attachment (11).png

Moscow, Bersenevskaya nab, 18-20-22 bldg 1

Eternal British classic for men. Model tweed suits, double-breasted coats, leather shoes, cashmere scarves and goose pads of the Harris Tweed, Burberry, Aquascutum, Barbour, Makintosh brands are brought from England and America. Things date back to 1920-1990.

hat: 5000 rub or 73$
jacket: 15 000 rub or 220$
vintage coat: 12 000 rub or 200$

If you think you might not feel comfortable in such shops without knowing the language - take a local with you!
4h assistance will cost from 70$

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