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Indian cuisine, like the country itself, is full of bright colors, rich odors and amazing combinations. Indian restaurants in Moscow with the help of talented chefs can briefly transfer you to the atmosphere of this exotic country.

1. Taj Mahal

You’ll plunge into the Indian culture, presented by luxurious decoration and impressive menu here! Sofas, pillows and openwork lamps – all of this in order to relax in the fabulous atmosphere of the East with maximum comfort. The interior is complemented by exotic aromas and light music. The restaurant serves traditional Indian and Oriental dishes, fine sweets and wines.

• Chef dish (Quail on the coals in the Indian spices).
• Alcohol (wine map, cocktail menu, draft beer).
• Hookah.
• Karaoke lounge (on Stary Arbat).
• Banqueting hall, business lunches, free delivery (on Kislovskiy).
• Free Wi-Fi.

Average bill: 1000–1500 Rub

Address and opening hours:

Bolshoy Kislovskiy lane, 1/12 (11:00–24:00)
Arbat St., 6/2 (11:00–05:00)
Profsoyuznaya St., 61 (11:00–24:00)

2. Khajuraho

Khajurao is one of the best Indian restaurants with uniquely romantic ambience. Its interior is richly decorated with small copies of bas-reliefs and high reliefs of the famous temple complex in Central India. The ancient Indian and South Indian cuisine finely combined with European one. The right combination of natural ingredients, and also the aroma of fresh Indian herbs and spices can satisfy the most demanding taste.

• Dishes prepared on tandoori clay oven.
• Wide selection of vegetarian options.
• Impressive bread selection (roti, naan, parata, kulcha and others).
• Attentive service.
• Banqueting hall.
• Business lunches.
• Delivery and catering service.
• Alcohol (wine map, draft beer).
• Free Wi-Fi.

Average bill: 1000–1500 Rub

Address: Shmitovskiy Dr., 14/1

Opening hours: 12:00–23:00

3. Darbars

Darbars is an Indian cuisine restaurant in the center of Moscow with a beautiful panoramic view of the Sparrow Hills. It is a great place for relax in a fascinating atmosphere of the modern East interior, for business meetings and business lunches, for carrying out festive events. Restaurant is well known for the authentic fresh national food of different states of South and North India – malabar fish curry, kerala chicken fry, rare types of Indian bread, rice dishes and many other amazing creations by chef.

• Traditional Indian hospitality – complimentary crispy papadum.
• Rich vegetarian menu.
• Wide selection of dishes prepared in tandoori oven.
• Hookah.
• Evening performances of professional belly dancers.
• Delivery and catering service.
• Free Wi-Fi.

Average bill: 1500–2500 Rub

Address: Prospekt Mira, 12/1

Opening hours: 12:00–24:00

4. Jagannath

Jagannath is a cozy place for lovers of vegetarian cuisine, healthy and exotic dishes. The Jagannath café chain is named after an Indian deity. The menu of restaurant includes traditional dishes from India, China, Thailand, Mexico and Europe. Branded highlight of the Jagannath café chain are the East handmade sweets.

• Breakfasts and complex lunches (in all cafes of the chain).
• Shops with vegetarian and dietary products (in all cafes of the chain).
• A wide selection of tea and delicious drinks.
• Concerts.
• Children's activities.
• Cooking master-classes.

Average bill: 700 Rub

Addresses and opening hours:

Kuznetsky Most, 11 (10:00–24:00)
Street the Earthen shaft, 24/30 (9:00–23:00)
Verhnaya Radishchevskaya St., 9A (10:00–23:00)
Maroseyka St., 4 (10:00–23:00)
1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya St., 13 (9:00–23:00)
Prospekt Mira, 31 (9:00–23:00)

5. Devi Cafe

Café bar Devi is located in the building of Interclub – international cultural center of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN). The menu includes various exotic dishes of Indian and Chinese cuisine – from gentlest to very spicy. Devi specialties are curry, noodles, rice, roti (flat round bread), tikka chicken, spring rolls. Café offers wide selection of soups and dishes prepared in tandoori.

• Dining room and VIP-hall.
• Business lunches (till 16:00).
• Thali (till 16:00 – only for students).
• Opportunity to vary the spiciness of dishes.
• Rich tea and coffee line.
• Wide range of beer.
• TV with Indian channels.
• Indian music.
• Catering service.

Average bill: 700–1500 Rub

Address: Miklukho-Maklaya St., 21A

Opening hours: from 11:00 uptill last client

6. Jai Hind

Interior, inspired by the old royal charm, takes you away from the hustle of the megapolis to an atmosphere of serenity. Restaurant offers wide selection of specialties from the different cuisines of North and South India – sambar, rasam, meen varuval, prawn thokku, mutton chukka, ennai kathirikai, madras chicken curry, chicken chettinadi. Jai Hind focuses on the quality of the ingredients and the cooking methodology for reproduction the authentic flavor of the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of Indian cuisine. The open tandoori kitchen is real attraction of the restaurant – guests can watch the cooking of Indian bread and tandoori dishes by talented chefs.

• National breakfast in the morning.
• Exotic Indian desserts and sweets.
• Bar card (standard selection of spirits and wines).
• Live music, Dj.

Average bill: 1500–2000 Rub

Address: Olimpiiskii Pr., 18/1

Opening hours: around the clock

7. Ostorojno, slon!

Restaurant is located on the 6th floor of the Tsvetnoy Central Market. The creators of this corner decided to focus on three components — an authentic spicy taste of the Indian dishes, volume portions and reasonable price. Unique tastes of Indian street cuisine: spicy chicken tikka masala for meat eaters, palak paneer and thick soups for vegetarians, as well as nutritious traditional lassi cocktails based on yogurt and an indispensable drink in India – spiced masala tea with milk.

Average bill: up to 700 Rub

Address: Tsvetnoy boulevard, 15/1

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 – 22:00

8. Moscow-Delhi

Moscow-Delhi is not just a vegetarian cafe. It is a creative culinary workshop, where chefs cook traditional dishes of homemade Indian cuisine. You can feel the atmosphere of home comfort here – visitors must take off your shoes at the entrance. The interior is not typical for the restaurant: floors made of old boards; vintage windows, doors and tiles; ceiling and walls covered with clay; the kitchen utensils, hanged right on the walls. The wood-burning stove serves as an accent. Guests can watch how staff washes dishes, chops wood and cooks dishes in the open kitchen. Moscow-Delhi offers only vegetarian Indian dishes from organic products – broths, porridge, flatbreads with sauces, rice with vegetables and herbs.

Average Bill: 1500–2500 Rub

Address: Yermolaevsky Lane, 7

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 13:00–23:00

9. Dalla Masala

Authentic Indian cafe where a team of cooks under the guidance of the chef from Nepal creates the national vegetarian and meat dishes: different types of traditional Indian flat breads; spicy vegetable salads; spicy snacks with beans; biryani, etc. The menu also includes a lot of dishes with lamb, chicken, fish and seafood, grilled or baked in the tandoori. The chef personally prepares masala tea for guests, grinding a spices mixture by hand. There are two zones in the restaurant: one – with an open kitchen, the other – with dim lights. Numerous decorative inscriptions, ornaments and bright textiles complement the stylized Indian interior.

• Business lunches: Mon-Fri 12:00-16:00.
• Spicy brunches: Sat-Sun 12:00-18:00 (free special menu for children up to 5 years).
• Alcohol (wine, beer, strong spirits, cocktails).
• Delivery service.
• Panoramic view.
• Live music, Dj.
• Fireplace.
• Wi-Fi.

Average bill: 700–1500 Rub

Address: Kalashny lane, 9

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12:00–24:00
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