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Information about Russia 07.02.2020

Do Russians drink a lot?

We сhose 5 places where you can plunge into the atmosphere of a real ryumochnaya (place where you can try different strong drinks, word comes from Russian word "ryumka" - a small 50gr glass that is used for vodka) and see how the Russians actually drink.

Please do not judge all the Russians by what you see there:)

1. Alcobuffet "Rumka" (lit. "Shot Glass")

алкобуфет рюмка — копия.jpg

Ryumochnaya where former craft lovers, fashion artists and residents of the area meet at adjacent tables. People come here for an excellent “Borschevka” - gastronomic vodka, a large selection of fruit and grain distillates, a modest set of snacks and the outstanding Russian Table event on Tuesdays. This evening you only need to pay for alcohol, and you can take all the food from an impromptu buffet for free. Among the delicacies are cucumbers, pickles, sliced vegetables, herring, sandwiches and salads.

Gastronomic vodka: 200 rubles (3.5$)
Sandwiches: 150 rub (2.5$)
Dumplings: 250 rub (4$)

2. South - ryumochnaya of a new formation

cc50587fd11e4171a2a5a909f92bdd5f — копия.jpg

What to try here: vodka, strong alcohol, tinctures, wine, champagne
Mostly young people flock here in search of adventure and inexpensive sets of fruit tinctures, horseradish and lemons. Traditional snacks selection - vegetables, greens, dumplings and sandwiches.

Sets of tinctures - 700 rub for 6 pieces (12$)
Egg - 30 rub (0.5$)
Dumplings with suluguni cheese - 200 rub (3.5$)

3. Svoboda (lit "Freedom")

рюмочная свобода — копия.jpg

Ryumochnaya with two spacious halls, a large selection of hot dishes and appetizers with restaurant prices. It tries to experiment with the tastes of tinctures - here you can try rowan tincture with basil or strawberries with pepper. Often the feast is accompanied by live music in the evenings - it is exotic and pleasant to overturn the "cherry tree" or "Borodino" drink to the sounds of a lively harp.

Tinctures - 200 rub (3.5$)
Pasta with salmon - 480 rub (8$)
Bruschetta with roast beef - 540 rub (9$)

4. Shirokuyu na shirokuyu

широкую на широкую.jpg

Never-silent bar where beer and strong alcohol is served, but the emphasis is on tinctures. The assortment changes regularly: today you can come for a cherry or horseradish drink (khrenovukha), and tomorrow you will find something more fun like mango chili, bread or tincture with the taste of borsch.

Tinctures - from 150 rub (2.5$)
Serbian brandy - from 200 rub (3.5$)

5. Nastoishnaya

_ — копия.png
A classic ryumochnaya- sets of tinctures, strong liquors such as peppercorns and the general atmosphere of the revelry on any day of the week. The menu is intriguing : there are, for example, dumplings with a deer and a bear, but at the same time they make sandwiches with herring, sprats or lard. The main entertainment is a jukebox, where for 500 rub (8$) you can order tracks for an hour in the range from Valeria (Russian pop-singer) to Aerosmith.

Tinctures - 144 rub each (2.5$)
Dumplings with venison - 290 rub (5$)
Sandwiches - 58 rub (1$)
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