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News 29.12.2019
New Service in Crowne Plaza Moscow WTC Hotel
The essence of the service is that upon chech-out from the hotel, the guest can ask for the delivery of the luggage to the airport in order to calmly complete business in the city or take a walk. The creators of the service thought through all the nuances - from baggage insurance and ensuring transportation safety to checking the presence of prohibited substances and packing it in specialy designed bags.

“Analyzing the profile of our guest, we note that he is becoming younger, more mobile and multi-tasking. Often a person whose primary purpose of the trip is a business seeks to combine it with leisure, for example, sightseeing or shopping before leaving, so spending the last precious hours in the city to return to the hotel for a suitcase is at least annoying. We strive to make all the processes, including departure from the hotel, as seamless as possible for the guest, using all available modern tools for it, ”said Maria Balashova, Marketing Director at Crowne Plaza Moscow WTC.

At the moment, the service provides the ability to deliver luggage to guests of the Crowne Plaza Moscow WTC hotel at Sheremetyevo Airport, Domodedovo and Vnukovo are next in line. The next step in the development of services on the Russian market is the remote check-in of baggage for the flight, the so-called ITCI (in-town-check-in, that is, literally, “check-in in the city”), the option will be available as early as 2020 .

“Every traveler knows how many inconveniences baggage brings during the trip, especially if you have a busy schedule in the new city. When launching BagsPorter, we relied on personal experience: our international team travels a lot around the world, and, of course, we understand what it means to value our time and comfort. I think our service will appeal to both businessmen and traveling with their family, because we want to bring the convenience of passengers to a fundamentally new level, ”said Yuri Rabinovich, founder of BagsPorter.

It is expected that the network of Moscow service partner hotels will be significantly expanded. In addition, BagsPorter is actively working on launching services in St. Petersburg, Sochi, Munich and Frankfurt.
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