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News 24.08.2019
Electronic Visa to Kaliningrad
From July 1, 2019, citizens of 53 foreign countries can obtain an electronic visa to enter the Russian Federation through border checkpoints located in the Kaliningrad region.

An electronic visa is issued for a period of not more than 4 consequent calendar days, regardless of weekends and holidays.
No invitations or confirmations are needed. Just fill out the application on the website.
No need to spend your personal or working time visiting the consulate during its office hours. The website is 24/7.
Electronic visas are issued without any fees.

1. Fill in the application form.
2. Get confirmation on applying for electronic visa via the website or your email.
3. Print out the confirmation or save to your phone.
4. Show the confirmation to the staff of the transport company when crossing the border.
5. Show the confirmation to the customs server.

Apply for electronic visa here

Such simplified visa regime is also available for tourists arriving to Vladivostok.
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