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Amazing nature (spreading from deserts to tundras), a remarkable number of nationalities (150+!), diversity of cultures, cuisines, crafts! 5 climate and 9 time zones. Outstanding minds of mankind: Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, Stanislavsky, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, and others. Matryoshka doll, the Bolsheviks, freezing cold, communism, Cheburashka, vodka, bears, pirozhki, babushka, caviar, Putin... What other images does the word "Russia" evoke? 

Are they all true? 

Choose a tour to your liking as you are welcome to visit our unfathomed country! 

Being located in Russia, we keep up to speed and are here to guide you with our advice in terms of places for leisure-time activities, food, and whatever you need to enjoy your trip and delightful memories afterwards. 

Our services

  • Individual Tours thoughout Russia
  • Transfers from/to Airport and Railway Stations
  • Excursions in Major Russian Cities
  • Visa Assistance
  • Theatre/Concert Ticket Booking
  • Restaurant Reservations

How it works

1. You leave the request:

Please provide the following information:

  • number of participants

  • what month you want to come

  • how many days you want to stay

  • what cities you would like to include

  • level of hotels (3*/4*/5*)

  • other information that we need to know when making a proposal

2. We form an offer and send you to email.

3. After some discussion and adjustments we come up with the final version of the program.

4. After your confirmation, we reserve the agreed services and issue an invoice for payment.

Depending on the time of your trip, it will be necessary to either pay 100% (if the dates are close), or you can split the payment in half.

Read more about payment conditions here.

5. After payment (or prepayment), we will send invitations for your visa.

We are a licensed tour operator who has the right to act as an inviting party.

6. You get all the documents ready and apply to the consulate in your country, get visas.

7. If necessary you make a surcharge (50%).

8. Approximately a week before the trip, we will send all documents: a program of a trip (indicating the time and place of meeting with guides / train schedules, transfers, etc.), hotel vouchers and other documents.

9. Everything is ready for your visit to Russia!

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If you haven't found service you are up to get - please contact us, we are sure we can make your dream-trip true.

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